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Houao Village is a classic coastal fishery village. At the easternmost point of Beigan, it manifests unsophisticated village charm. The northwestern bay here is called “Aoli” by the locals. It points at the northeast and fishermen like to use it as a haven for their boats. In low tidal hours, a vast beach covering up to 5 hectares of land is revealed.

While in early days people had to walk through a long muddy beach if they wish to go to Tangqi from Houao, today, they can easily take a local road. With such convenience, however, Houao still feels quiet and alone compared to the bustling Tangqi.

Yanggong Bashi Temple: Houao’s guardian angel

Located in Houao, Yanggong Bashi Temple is always filled with believers. it is said that Yanggong Bashi, the deity worshipped at this temple, lost his life when fighting against an evil dragon which sent heavy rain to the village. Thus, it naturally became Houao’s guardian angel.

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Last Updated::2023-08-25