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Greenness everywhere, despite a military sentiment

The hillside Biyuan Park is widely planted with acacia and chinaberry trees, as well as a few common plants in the region such as seremban, creeping fig, and red spider lily. Especially boasting a vast range of ferns, Biyuan Park is Beigan’s most important ecological plant garden.

There is also a pagoda memorizing soldiers who died for the country in the park. Built in 1960, the solemn pagoda documents the sacrifices of the soldiers for Matsu. Now, refurbished by the Administration, the park becomes ideal for leisurely visits, as it is equipped with easy hiking trails, pavilions, and scenic platforms. Visitors can appreciate views of the ocean and plants. What a multi-purpose park!

Biyuan Park and its diverse plant ecology

Although Biyuan Park is mainly covered with manmade vegetation, with inter-influencing effects such as plant succession, underground seed germination, and natural forestation, the park’s plant ecology is unique and highly diverse. Throughout Beigan, there are at least 314 plant species under 97 families. And in Biyuan Park, 128 plant species belonging to 61 families are found. In Biyuan Park, greenness can be easily enjoyed in every corner.

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Last Updated::2023-09-11