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Located on the southern tip of Beigan Island, Baisha Harbor is Matzu’s important transport hub. Before the harbor was built, this coastal area was covered with white, crystal-clear fine sands. For this, the harbor acquired its Mandarin name, literally meaning “white sands.” In 1998, soon after the harbor was inaugurated, the beach became a new oceanic gateway in Beigan. A harbor-operation building was also constructed. Afterwards, the Western Coastal Highway was built, linking up the harbor with Banli and making it a crucial fishery and commercial center.

A magnificent palace-temple

Pinshui Zunwang Temple by Baisha Harbor is a rare one in Matsu, for it looks like a northern palace. While relatively small, the temple carries an imposing sentiment. It is a major landmark of Baisha Port.

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Last Updated::2023-10-01