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Services Telephone and Organization Telephone

Name Tel
Matsu National Scenic Area Administration(Nangan Visitor Center) 886-836-25630
Matsu National Scenic Area Administration(Beigan Visitor Center) 886-836-56531
Matsu National Scenic Area Administration(Dongyin Visitor Center) 886-836-77267
Matsu National Scenic Area Administration(Juguang Visitor Center) 886-836-89388
Nangan airport service counter 886-836-26402
Beigan airport service counter 886-836-55643
Tourism Bureau, Lienchiang County 886-836-23061, 886-836-25125
Matsu Folklore Culture Museum 886-836-22167, 886-836-25312
Booking a visit to the Sorghum liquor factory and 88 tunnel 886-836-22820, 886-836-23118
Matsu weather station 886-836-26457
Bus and ship Administration: director’s office 886-836-25759
Bus and ship Administration:General Affairs Section 886-836-23097
Bus and ship Administration: Business Section 886-836-25755
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