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Flight Information

Uni Air operates round trip services between Songshan Airport and Nangan, and round trip services between Songshan Airport and Beigan. Flying time is around 50 minut

There is a round trip service between Taichung Airport and Nangan. Flying time is 65 minutes.

Uni Air : Tel:02-25185166(Taipei), 0836-26511(Nangan), 0836-56578(Beigan)


Ticket Prices Taipei-Nangan NT2,197 for one way
Taipei-Beigan NT2,197 for one way
Flying time around 50 minutes
Telephone Reservation (Phone) Number
Front Desk (Phone) Number
Beigan Airport 0836-56576
Matsu Airport 0836-26522


Ticket Prices Taichung-Nangan NT2,686 for one way
Flying time around 65 minutes
Telephone Reservation (Phone) Number
Taichung Airline 04-26155199
Front Desk (Phone) Number
Taichung Airline 04-26155188
Matsu Airport 0836-26522
Beigan Airport 0836-56576

Mandarin Airlines operates round trip services between Songshan Airport and Nangan

Mandarin Airlines : Tel:02-4128008(Taipei), 0836-23473(Nangan)


Ticket Prices Taipei-Nangan NT2,226 for one way
Flying time around 50 minutes
Telephone Reservation (Phone) Number
Front Desk (Phone) Number
Matsu Airport 0836-23473


New Taima Ferry 

The New Taima Ferry is the main form of marine transportation between Keelung, Dongyin and Nangan’s Fuao Harbor. Sailing times can be affected by the weather or maintenance.

Shinhwa Navigation Co. Ltd operates a scheduled ferry between Matsu , Nangan and Dongyin. The New Taima Ferry does not sail on Tuesdays to allow maintenance to be carried out and it is replaced by a ferry chartered by the military. The New Taima Ferry departs from Keelung at21.50pm


Odd day : First to Nangan’s Fuao harbor, sailing time is about 10 hours. After passengers disembark/ embark and cargo is unloaded/loaded the ferry continues on to Zhongzhu Harbor, Dongyin, then returns to Keelung.
Even days:The ferry first docks at Zhongzhu Harbor, Dongyin, sailing time being about 8 hours proceeds to Fuao harbor, then returns to Keelung.

Sailing Time:

Taiwan->Matsu:Buy ticket at 7:30pm, board at 9:00pm, depart from Keelung at 9:50pm, sleep on the boat. Sailing time 8-10 hours.
Nangan->Taiwan:Buy ticket at 7:30am, board boat at 8:30am, depart from Nangan at 9:30 am, arrive at Keelung 5-6.30pm.
Dongyin->Taiwan:Buy a ticket between 2pm and 5pm the previous day from the Laoye Hotel. Board the ferry at 11am on even days and 6 am on odd days. Arrive at Keelung 5pm-6.30pm

Ferry departure point:

2 floor, Gangxi Street, Keelung City (west bank passenger dock 2nd floor waiting room)

Sailing time between Taiwan and Nangan is around 10 hours Sailing time between Nangan and Dongyin is about two hours Dongyin to Taiwan is about eight hours If the airport is closed, sailing time from Fuao harbor will be delayed by one hour. Due to sea conditions, currents and fog the arrival time of the New Taima Ferry can differ by up to an hour. If the wind and waves exceed Grade 10 the serve will be suspended. Travelers should check with Shinhwa Navigation Co to confirm if the service is operating normally before setting off.
Telephone:(Keelung)02-24256777,(Matsu)0836-23888,(Dongyin) 0836-77077

Supplementary information:

  1. The trip takes 8-10 hours but the ticket is cheaper than a plane flight making the ferry the main method local people use to travel between Matsu and Taiwan.
  2. Ticket buying time:Telephone ticket reservation-Tickets can be booked up to three days in advance in Keelung and on Nangan ( times:08:30 am to12:00 pm, 13:00pm to 17:00 pm). Tickets on Dongyin can be bought the day before sailing from the Laoye Hotel (between 14:00 pm and 17:00). On the spot ticket purchase: Keelung19:30pm to 21:00 pm;(even days) Dongyin 05:50 am to 06:10 am, Nangan 08:00am to 09:00 am;(odd days)Nangan 06:10am to 07:20. Dongyin 09:30 am to10:00 am(Tickets can also be bought on Nangan between 14:00 and 17:00 on Fuao dock the day before sailing).
  3. Please note if the ferry will dock at Nangan or Donyin first to save traveling time. Also, the Tuesday service is a military charter vessel and seats available to the public are limited.
  4. Keelung Ferry departure point: 2floor, Gangxi Street, Keelung City(west bank passenger dock 2nd floor waiting room)
  5. Please carry your ID or passport when you take the New Taima Ferry. Travelers will be subject to an exit/entry inspection before boarding.

For more information, please check the ticket price and timetable at the official website.


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