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Discover the Beauty of the Islands: Launch of the “2023 Glimmers in Matsu GO Fun" Series of Events

Date :2023-06-16

In an effort to promote the diverse and rich tourism charm of Matsu, the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC has integrated various glimmering features from the four townships and five islands of Matsu. Concentrating on themes such as ecology, culture, art, food, and LOHAS, the Administration has organized the "2023 Glimmers in Matsu GO Fun" series of events. Today (June 15th), a promotional press conference was held at the Tourism Bureau’s Travel Service Center, attended by Legislator Chen Hsueh-sheng, Director-General Chang Shi-chung of the MOTC Tourism Bureau, Magistrate Wang Chung-ming of Lienchiang County, and other esteemed guests. The event was opened with a dance by the Blue Tear Fairy, showcasing a romantic performance combined with LED lighting effects to present Matsu's distinctive glimmering image. The opening ceremony of “Glimmers in Matsu” will usher the public into a whole new glimmering journey of Matsu. This year's event includes concerts, cycling tours, ecological explorations, starry sky guided tours, battlefield survival game experiences, and other elements, collectively creating a rich and exciting “Glimmers in Matsu” tourism festival.


The "Glimmers Concerts" Set to Touch Hearts with Beautiful Sounds

The series of events will commence with a tunnel concert on the afternoon of July 22nd, showcasing the most beautiful performances within the Beihai Tunnel, an optimal natural acoustic space. In the evening, participants will be invited to enjoy Matsu's unique night, with music accompanied by glimmers under the starry sky. The lineup includes foreign bands like "More the Merrier", rock guitarist "Wac", talented Matsu native singer-songwriter "Fang Wu", and many other groups and individual artists. Additionally, on August 19th, there will be another performance held at the outdoor Banli Beach at Beigan Visitor Center. Bands including Klaus and Mel Folk Duo, local Matsu Sea Wave Band, and the award-winning folk group "Pei Yuan Shan Mao" are invited to perform. Accompanied by a gentle evening sea breeze, concert goers will be treated to a romantic and passionate midsummer music feast.


Go to Matsu: Island-Hopping Cycling Tour

In addition to the concert, the "2023 Go to Matsu - Chill Trip Matsu" event will take place on July 23rd, inviting cyclists to explore the island's breathtaking scenery. On this day, cyclists will embark on a ride from Nangan Visitor Center to Jinsha Village and back, experiencing the charm and innovative vitality of the century-old small town. This event will mark the beginning of the "Island-Hopping Cycling Slow Travel Collection" running from July 23rd to October 23rd. When visiting the four townships and five islands of Matsu, visitors can scan the QR codes at designated attractions to collect electronic stamps on their mobile phones. Upon collecting three stamps, visitors will be eligible for gifts and entries into a prize draw. All proficient cyclists are encouraged to embark on this daring journey in Matsu and add a unique conquest to their life's experiences.


Laser Battle Survival: A New Experience in “Glimmers in Matsu”

On the afternoon of July 23rd, another highlight event, the "Laser Battle Survival Game Experience," is set to take place. This event will occur at the "Dahan Stronghold," a site brimming with adrenaline-pumping military scenarios, and will create a unique sporting experience that blends entertainment and military simulation. The event will be divided into four sessions, in which participants will use imitation guns fitted with laser beams and electronic sensors, immersing themselves in intense combat scenarios. Within the Dahan Stronghold, players will make use of rock cover and exhibit their exceptional evasion skills, while cooperating closely with their teammates to defeat their opponents. This game, strikingly akin to a real battle, will provide participants with an immersive challenge and excitement, while leading them to explore the battlefield scenery and Matsu's rich historical and cultural heritage.


Exciting Monthly Events: Creating a “Glimmers in Matsu” Carnival

In addition to the three main events mentioned above, a series of engaging monthly themed activities is planned for the "Glimmers in Matsu" carnival. These events aim to showcase the charm of Matsu and guide participants to experience the authentic essence of Matsu. Special promotions are also in store for those visiting Matsu, involving various designated shops from the four townships and five islands of Matsu in providing food, drink, recreation, and fun. Participants can enjoy a range of discounts and special offers. Those who spend over 500 NT dollars can register online with a receipt or invoice to enter a prize draw. The "2023 Glimmers in Matsu GO Fun" event is expected to be filled with excitement, and everyone is invited to Matsu to experience the charming and mysterious glimmering scenery of the islands.

For more detailed information about the events and registrations, please visit the following websites:

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