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Matsu Cultural Tour - Seeking Clarity and Answers through Dream Interpretation at Qinbi and Longjiao Peaks on Beigan Island

Date :2023-02-24

The "Praying for Good Dreams" event at the Wuwei Linggong Temple on Longjiao Peak in Qinbi Village, Beigan Island, is the highlight of the Matsu Lantern Festival series. The dream-seekers are the Nine Immortals of the He family (generally referred to as the Nine Immortal Elders). According to legend, the Nine Immortal Elders travel around various places for 364 days a year, but only on the 29th day of the first lunar month, they come to the Wuwei Linggong Temple in Longjiao Peak, Qinbi Village, Matsu, to help people solve their problems through dream interpretation. Therefore, the "Praying for Good Dreams" event only happens once a year and is very special.

The form of prayer for dreams is special. The day before the prayer, people must eat a vegetarian diet and maintain a peaceful and focused state of mind. On the day of the prayer, they can ask the deity a single, specific question (it must be clear and unambiguous), and then they can find a place to sit or lie down either inside or near the temple and wait for the deity to "grant a dream" and provide an answer (although it's not necessary to actually fall asleep - just sitting quietly with a calm mind is sufficient).

During the time spent waiting for the deity to "grant a dream" and provide an answer, if even a single thought or any image or scene flashes through one's mind, it is considered as a dream granted by the deity. At this time, one should quickly go to the front of the deity and use divination blocks to seek guidance, or ask the temple staff to help consult the deity if it is the answer. Only after the requested matter has been resolved should one ask the next question. Don't you find this rare folk ritual to be very fascinating?

As the "Praying for Good Dreams" event only happens once a year on the 29th day of the first lunar month, it is common to see worshippers and tourists queuing up with their own blankets and pillows, waiting to sleep on the floor of the temple to "dream" and seek answers from the deity. What's even more fascinating is that if one is too nervous to fall asleep, they can ask someone else to dream for them! This unique folk culture festival invites you to come to Matsu and experience the cultural charm of the island for yourself.

After experiencing the rare "Praying for Good Dreams" event, about 50 meters up from the entrance to the Wuwei Linggong Temple archway, there is an air-raid shelter with the words "Sino-American Cooperation" and related images at the entrance. The shelter is nestled in the mountains and forests of the island, vaguely telling the story of the wartime history that is etched in the hearts of the people of Matsu.

Qinbi Village is located in the north of Beigan Island in Matsu. The traditional Mindong architecture sits between the mountain cliffs, and the beautiful scenery has earned it the nickname "Mediterranean of Matsu. "Guidao Island, which can be seen from Qinbi Village, is a must-visit and a great spot for photography. Looking towards the direction of Qinsan Mountain from the Village, you can see the "Old Soldier Stone," which is a stone carving of a soldier wearing a helmet and guarding the residents' safety at the edge of the cliff. Additionally, climbing the Matsu's first peak, Bishan, which stands at an elevation of 298 meters, provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area, including Beigan Airport. Matsu's Beigan Island is waiting for you to explore and experience the island's mysteries. For related travel information, please visit our official website.


Source: Lienchiang County Government / News Window, 2023 Matsu Baiming Cutural Festival Activity Handbook

Praying for Good Dreams at Longjiao Peak, Qinbi Village, Beigan Island (Photo Source: Xiaoqi Yang)

View of Guidao Island from Qinbi Village, Beigan Island (Photo Source: Xiaoqi Yang)

The Qinbi Village Chief and Mindong Architecture, represented by the Frog General, Beigan Island (Photo Source: Xiaoqi Yang)


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