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2023 Matsu Shimmering Photography Competition

Date :2023-05-09

Matsu has a unique geographical and geological environment which has created rich and magnificent island scenery.  The rich cultural connotations make Matsu a diverse and glimmering style.  This year, Matsu National Scenic Area Administration selected "Discovering the Beauty of Matsu's Twilight" as the theme of this photography competition and invited photographers to capture the different scenes of Matsu with their lens.

According to Matsu National Scenic Area Administration, the competition focuses on 5 themes: "Natural Scenery", "Humanistic Scenery", "Celebration Activities", "Hometown Food" and "Animal and Plant Ecology".  Matsu's "twilight" is includes the dreamy twilight of blue tears, the bright Milky Way in the starry sky in summer, the bright and firm light of the lighthouse, the warm light in the crevices of the rocks in the tunnel and the traditional Fujian architecture of Matsu.  Also, the quaint lighting of the settlements, the light of inheritance of the residents show the unique culture of Matsu and the warm twilight of the vitality of the flora and fauna.  In order to show the beauty of the twilight of Matsu through photography works from different aspects through the shimmering Matsu photography competition.

To encourage the public to explore the beauty of Matsu actively, all submissions will be submitted online from now on until August 31.  The total award money is as high as 105,000 yuan.  The top 4 in the five categories will receive handsome award money and a certificate.  Those who are ranked as 5 to 24 also be awarded 1000-3000 yuan and a certificate. 

In order to encourage shutterbugs to experience the local customs and record the abundant energy of Matsu's natural humanities by traveling Matsu’s islands through their lens.

Please visit the website of the 2023 Shimmering Matsu Photography Competition to download the brochure of the photo selection competition and keep a close eye on the official Facebook fan page of "Go go Matsu" for more relevant information.  If you have already taken photos of Matsu, please upload and share with us!

Matsu National Scenic Area Administration official website:


Official Facebook Fan Page:

2023 Shimmering Matsu Photography Competition official website:


Translated by Matsu National Scenic Area Administration

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