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Green Matsu - Sustainable Tourism Practitioner

Date :2023-09-01

Episode Three: Green Gastronomy – Yi Jia Bistro


In pursuit of global sustainable tourism goals, "Yi Jia Bistro," under the guidance of the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration, earned a GTS one-star rating in early 2023. Upholding principles of low-carbon sustainability, "Yi Jia Bistro" is committed to fostering a green and friendly environment, honoring nature, and nurturing the land. Every detail reflects green principles, offering travelers comfort and healing while allowing them to savor the beauty of nature's bounty.

“Yi Jia Bistro” – Local Sentiment, Classic Flavors
Located on Nangan Island in Matsu, "Yi Jia Bistro" is more than just a restaurant; it's a hub that melds local culture and art. From intricate details in its space to the crafting of specialty beers, "Yi Jia Bistro" is dedicated to showcasing a unique style. They have introduced "Honeysuckle Beer" and "Kaoliang Beer" that resonate with the island's spirit. The bistro features distinct family recipes, echoing the cherished memories of the bistro's hosts, YAO Yi, and her mother, Ms. CHEN Ruihua. Drawing in artists, painters, poets, and designers from the island and beyond, the bistro brims with unbounded creativity and energy.


A Green Journey, Leaving Beautiful Footprints Together
According to's "2023 Sustainable Travel Report," 77% of travelers opine that sustainable tourism is pivotal to bequeathing a pristine environment to future generations, and 71% yearn for more eco-friendly exploration methods. Under the aegis of the Green Travel Seal (GTS), both the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration and "Yi Jia Bistro" are ardently pursuing green tourism in Matsu. Their aim is to galvanize more enterprises to adopt sustainable practices, collaboratively preserving this magnificent land, and augmenting Matsu's stature and appeal in the global green tourism arena.

Let's unite in our efforts and champion sustainable tourism for a brighter tomorrow!
"Yi Jia Bistro" Service Hotline: 0920 415 525
Image Source: Taiwan Isles Association / Photography by FIXER Photographic Studio
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