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Battlefield Tunnel Translation - The Three-level Tunnel of Nangan’s Dahan Strongpoint Showcases Grandeur

Date :2024-02-05

The improvement project for Nangan’s Dahan Strongpoint scenic area, an implementation of the mid-term plan for the construction of important tourist attractions (2020 - 2023), is being carried out in six phases. This includes the addition of two accessible ramps, the establishment of one seaside viewing platform, improvements to parking spaces, installation of AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and emergency lighting inside the tunnel. Additionally, CCTV cameras, electronic fences, and intelligent multilingual guiding facilities are installed at two entrances of the strongpoint. These measures significantly enhance the general tourism environment as well as safety, and promote smart tourism.

In the final section of the plan, the long-disappeared second and third levels of the Dahan Strongpoint tunnel, which have been hidden from the public for many years, were unveiled! The Dahan Strongpoint features a three-leveled interconnected tunnel system, originally constructed by the troops. In the past, only the bottommost first-level artillery area tunnel was accessible. To celebrate the year of 2024, the Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters decided to open up the living area of the tunnel starting from New Year's Day, providing the public with an opportunity to experience the challenging life of military personnel stationed on offshore islands during the wartime administration period. Additionally, it allows visitors to enjoy a completely new seaside perspective, appreciating the magnificent geological landscape of the Guanmao Mountain area.

The second-level tunnel of the Dahan Strongpoint contains a larger recreational space. In the future, the Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters will explore the possibility of creating a small creative market space in the surrounding area to enhance the overall recreational service functions and elevate the charm of the Dahan Strongpoint.

Reminder: Dahan Strongpoint is open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM starting from January 1, 2024. Due to the steep stairs in the second and third levels of the tunnel areas, visitors are advised to be careful and move slowly. Additionally, as the tunnel is an enclosed space, it is recommended to travel with companions for safety reasons.

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