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A bright offshore islet: Dongju

Here’s how renowned Taiwanese writer Ku Ling feels about Dongju:
Do not visit Dongju if you are not interested in a refreshing, different place.”
“Do not visit Dongju if you prefer a place of ‘noisy fun.’”
“Do not visit Dongju if you are all about speed.”
“Do not visit Dongju if you don’t enjoy being alone.”
Lastly, Ku Ling wrote, “Everyone needs an island to be their lover at heart.”

Xiniu Islet

Travel is the ultimate remedy for human souls in modern times. A busy touristy trip can no longer heal an exhausted mind. Only a slow, profound experience soothes a traveler’s body and soul.

The “Villages Brightened up in Reception of Visitors” project not only plans to provide in-depth travel options to visitors but also aims to revitalize local economy. As a member of the project, Dongju uses geoparks to draw visitors, while promoting low carbon-footprint produce such as fish, watermelons, musk melons and roselle. Cultural events and DIY classes inspired by Matsu’s early war experiences are held. 

  • A bright offshore islet: Dongju
  • A bright offshore islet: Dongju

The project also aims to inspire communities to rule by themselves and to develop some shared ideals. It is going to help communities construct tourist highlights and design maintenance plans and guided tours. In this way a high quality, eco-friendly environment may be build, and a variety of tourist options for those wanting to get close to Dongju may be offered.


  1. Lifestyle KitchenThe participants of this project are encouraged to gather food, such as roselle, fish (for making fish balls and grilled salted fish), fruits and corn, through a community guided tour. In the most natural way, the participants can all help bring locally-grown seasonal ingredients to the dining table and enjoy the food together. The project will be held in Dapu Settlement and 8-20 participants are allowed for each tour/event. Reservations are required and the fee is NT$300 per person.
  2. Xiniu Islet Intertidal Tour:Explore the offshore of the offshore – the tied bar of Xiniu Islet, and maybe play Moses who divided the waters of the Red Sea. The tour is 2-3 hours long and the start and finish time varies depending on the tides of the day. Each tour can accommodate up to 15 participants. The fee is NT$500 per person including reef rock activity equipment rental.
  3. Fuzheng Beach Ecological Tour:Enjoy a panoramic sand and stone view and learn about what bountiful resources the ocean offers. Relax while taking this LOHAS ecological tour. The tour is roughly 1 hour long and the start and finish time varies depending on the tides of the day. Each tour takes up to 15 participants and the fee is NT$200 per person.
  4. Phone reservation is required for all of the tours. Please contact Mr. Hsieh from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Tel:+886-836-88024

Coming soon…

  1. Militaty-themed tour:The participants will learn about how cannons would be fired at this former military islet.
  2. Slow-paced cultural tour:This tour takes visitors to explore Dongju Lighthouse, Stronghold 64, Fuzheng and Dapu Settlements, Dapu Stone Inscriptions, and Yulu Historic Trail. At Fuzheng Beach, Dongyangshan Hiking Trail and the Mysterious Little Bay, ecological guided tours may be held.
  3. Creative DIY Workshop:The participants will be given materials gathered in the Nature, such as shells, sand, stones and pebbles to make a variety of crafts, including colored stones, gel candles and shell ornaments.
Last Updated::2023-09-20