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Beigan War and Peace Memorial Park Line

"Taiwan Trip @ Matsu" laid back island tour bus provides you with the only "three one"convenient travel service in Taiwan, that is "scroll with one finger, complete your order in one minute, and embark on one spontaneous battlefield trip". The route concatenates renowned local attractions, paired with the wonderful interpretation given by professional guides, providing you with a thoughtful and convenient travel!

221、222 Beigan to Peace Memorial Park Route (Morning) (Afternoon)
  • Route InformationTangqi(Origin Station) → Qlaozai Village → Qinbi Village → Beigan Visitor Center → Bishan Observation Point → Tangqi Village → War and Peace Memorial Park → Tanhou Beach → Tangqi(Destination Station)

    This route primarily consists of the Peace Memorial Park, as well as Qinbi Village, which has comprehensively preserved the characteristics of distinctive Eastern Min architecture. The route also visits Qiaozi Village and Bishan Observation Deck, and the 1/2 day itinerary can be paired with Daqiu Island tour to appreciate the Formosan sika deer in close proximity.

    • Qinbi Village
    • Daqiu


    1. NT$200/person
    2. Purchase an additional route to enjoy $100 off. (E.g. purchase an additional route to enjoy $100 off, purchase two additional routes to enjoy $200 off, and so forth.)

    Service Hotline

    1. Longfu Tour Bus: 0836-55661、0836-22300
More Information:Taiwan Trip @ Matsu
Last Updated::2023-09-15