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Daqiu is a small island on the north of Beigan Island, with diverse plant and animal ecology and sea-eroded formations. There were a few hundred soldiers and residents on the island in early days, but now there are just a few old deserted houses left.

Other than the old routes, on Daqiu Island, there is a 500-meter main hiking trail which leads visitors to a few deserted military facilities. Along the path, Formosan deer can be found. The island’s northeastern point is the best to appreciate the coasts. Its northwestern point contains granite-based sea grooves and sea caves resulting from sea erosions.

Ecological boat tours to Daqiu Island are available between June and September annually. Other than chasing deer on the island, visitors may appreciate Beigan coasts / villages and seagulls on the sea.

It takes about 1 to 2 hours to finish Daqiu Ecological Hiking Trail. Do prepare water and sun glasses / sunscreens on a hot summer day. The Formosan deer here are wild and they mostly live in the woods. Look for them quietly there!

Last Updated::2024-04-01