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The precious Blue Tears can be appreciated from May to September annually, although this can only happen through luck, not plans. If you want to watch Blue Tears, leave your trip to Matsu some extra days with a relaxed and happy mindset. With the right tidal time and winds, your chance of seeing such treasures of the nature will greatly improve.

To increase your chance of seeing Blue Tears in the tunnel at night, no light pollution will be allowed. But this can make the journey more risky, too. To ensure your own safety, do wear life jackets all the way through, and never stand up or play around. Follow the staff member’s instructions.

Blue Tears Map

Blue Tears Map

Watch videos:Tear in Blue Micro Film

  • Sea sparkle
  • Sea sparkle

    “Sea sparkle” is a kind of free-living dinoflagellate which exhibits bioluminescence when the surroundings change. It does not affect a person’s digestive or neural system, but it can add the bloom color to the sea and eat up lots of planktons. Afterwards, it emits much ammonia into the sea. When it sticks to a fish’s gills, it keeps the fish from breathing. The fish (and some invertebrates) are then smothered to death.

Last Updated::2021-03-29