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Matsu's Blue Tears

Matsu's Blue Tears Long Fu Hotel

This exclusive “Matsu’s Blue Tears” grape wine is a collaborative creation of Long Fu Hotel (Beigan) with Spain's D.O. Almansa winery. The label features elements from Matsu's famous ecological beauty, making it one of the signature Matsu souvenirs.

Hand-drawn by an artist, the label depicts the picturesque Qinbi Village, the majestic granite coastline of Matsu, and the shimmering Blue Tears on the sea. This limited edition wine produced by the esteemed D.O. Almansa winery in Spain, boasts a deep blue hue derived from high-quality Verdejo grapes. The wine, with its low alcohol content and bursting aroma, is crafted through partial fermentation at low temperatures, preserving the fresh, sweet flavors of the fruit.

The blue color, originating from the anthocyanins in the Verdejo grape skins, is extracted and infused back into the wine, culminating in this unique Matsu grape wine, the “Blue Tears”.

Tasting notes include sweet, tropical fruit aromas with a tangy palate, reminiscent of green mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and grapefruit, perfectly complementing Matsu's rich seafood.

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