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Dapu Health-Promoting Red Yeast

Dapu Health-Promoting Red Yeast
Dongju Community Development Association, Juguang Township, Lienchiang County

Located at the long-abandoned Stronghold 64 on the outskirts of Dapu Village, this former military site has transformed into an innovative hub for Dongju's community development association. The Association creatively repurposes trenches as maze-like passages, guard posts into wine cellars and museums, and old artillery positions into stargazing platforms. Visitors must not miss the entrance's visitor center, where the Dongju Community Development Association's Product Sales Department is located. Here, you can rest and enjoy organic products developed by the team, such as popular Roselle popsicles, honey lemon aiyu jelly, potato chips, sweet corn, and other carefully selected souvenirs developed in collaboration with other Matsu entities.

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