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Nangan Island looks like a rhino, and Niujiao Village is situated at the northeastern tip of the island. The village acquired its name because it represents the tip of the rhino’s horn. Leaning against hills, Niujiao Village was once Matsu’s largest fishery village because it is where ocean currents from the north and the south meet. The once thriving fishery industry however withered after fishery resources became much fewer and relevant administrative offices moved away. In 1970, the village was renamed as Fuxing.

In 1998, a local group initiated a project for preserving the old village and refurbishing old houses. This has helped to revitalize old spaces and buildings, thereby reshaping community value.

Niujiao Hiking Trail

Stone-paved Niujiao Hiking Trail is ideal for appreciating the vast open coastal scenery of Niujiao Cape. The trail meanders along the coasts for about 300 meters.

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Last Updated::2023-08-25