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Ching-kuo Memorial Hall

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After former president Chiang Ching-kuo passed away on January 13, 1988, Matsu’s military and political leaders decided to build Ching-kuo Memorial Hall, which was then inaugurated in June 1994.

On the memorial hall’s front wall, there is a relief about a visit of Mr. Chiang to the army. The main building features blue tiles and white walls, and its structure is reminiscent of an old palace. The two-storey building covers about 330 square meters, and it has a solemn yet graceful sentiment.

On the first floor are a sitting bronze statue of Chiang and his will. The second floor is home to relevant documents, such as old photos of Chiang’s visits to Matsu, still a military base at the time, as well as all sorts of hand-written letters. More than 40 years of war time are well encapsulated into these old objects.

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Last Updated::2023-09-11