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Resting by a protruding bay on the southwestern tip of Nangan, Jinsha Village is the closest fishery village to China. With well-retained old stone houses, it has garnered much attention in recent years. With effort from the county government and community development associations, the houses came to life again. Why not take a walk through the village’s nostalgic, charming valleys and discover something amazing in their corners.

A convenient coastal fort

The fort is covered in universal camouflage patterns. Situated by the coasts of Aokou, it used to be an air-raid shelter. Today, it serves as a public toilet with shower facilities for beach visitors.

Matsu’s only black-faced Goddess Mazu

Tianhou Temple is Jinsha’s religious center and one of the three largest Tianhou Temples of Nangan. While the temple in Jinbanjing worships the goddess in her youthful years and the temple in Matsu jing worships the goddess with a pink face, this temple in Jinsha worships the one-and-only black-faced goddess.

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Last Updated::2023-11-24