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Zhenge Daidan Memorial Park

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As their boat slowly approaches Fuao Harbor of Matsu, leaning against a pole and looking afar, any sailor can easily find a big sign board with four large characters in bright red, “Zhenge Daidan” on the high-rising Fuqing Hill of Nangan. The sign board in fact is set on a longish building which has five floors above the ground and two basement floors. The back of the board explains the origin of the four characters.

The memorial park has a few long steps which visitors can go up if they would like to exercise a little before finally enjoying a birds-eye ocean view. They may just follow road signs and drive up to reach the observatory at the top that offers a panoramic view of Fuao Harbor.

A landmark in Matsu, ideal for photo-taking

Zhenge Daidan is Matsu’s most salient landmark. Be sure to take some photos of it from afar. This shall add some colors to your travel memory!

Note: Winds are strong as the area is vast, open and with few shelters. Please stay safe as you enjoy the scenery.

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Last Updated::2023-11-24