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The east coast of northern Dongyin has been weathered by strong winds and big waves for long. All sorts of geological formations have thus taken shape - within just a few kilometers, visitors can find sea arches, sea stacks, sea grooves, and sea caves. The formations are magnificent and the views are open. What a perfect place to learn about geology!

Haixianlongque on the inner side is the combination of a special sea arch and a wide crack. During the fog season, when winds and waves are strong, or at high tidal hours, dark black rocks go up amid the waves. When the sea is quiet or at low tidal hours, the rocks are more fully revealed, showing their unique textures.

Note that Haixianlongque is next to a military site with stationing soldiers. Do not get too close to the site and refrain from including it in your pictures.

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Last Updated::2023-08-25