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Safety tips for the popular “blue tears” season

Date :2021-06-30

To improve travel safety and quality, the Administration would like to remind visitors of the following:

Some scenic areas are so spacious that they are prone to thunders. In case of thunder and rain, do not use cell phones in these open fields, and never stay under tall trees or buildings, so as to avoid danger. Also, after the rain, the gravel roads are often slippery. Please walk slowly.

Beihai Tunnel in Nangan is rather narrow. Do not use tripods in it (including any of its platforms) without permission.

The roads of Matsu are hilly, crooked and narrow. Before renting a motorcycle, make sure its brakes work well. When riding the motorbike, pay attention to road traffic. Never make a sudden roadside stop, especially at the turns. Do not ride beside another bike, so as to stay safe.

While an enjoyable blue tear-watching trip requires as little light as possible, visitors should bring lights along, to light up the road ahead so that they won’t fall down. Also, they are advised to apply mosquito repellents and watch out for snakes. Upon arriving at the destination, put out the lights for a good blue tear-watching experience.

Before eating seafood, wash hands properly. Be careful if you are easily allergic, and make sure the food is clean. Go to a doctor right away if feeling sick after eating seafood.

Fighting against COVID-19: wear a surgical mask, wash hands as much as possible, and keep a social distance

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