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2021 LOHAS cycling in Matsu

Date :2021-10-22

From now until November 30, all cyclists are cordially invited to do island hopping in Matsu and take check-in challenges!

Ride a bicycle or take a green vehicle to the designated sites and take pictures. Check in on social media and get free gifts, medals, and certificates at Nangan or Beigan Visitor Center


Check-in spots (choose any 2 to 6 of them)

Beigan Township: Qinbi Village, Banli Residence

Nangan Township: Yuntai Mountain, Fuqing Bicycle Path, Beihai Tunnel, Jinsha Village, Tunnel 88

Juguang Township: Dongju Island Lighthouse

Dongyin Township: Andong Tunnel, Ganen Pavilion in Zhongzhu


The contestants should take pictures with their bicycles or green vehicles at designated points

They must attach hashtags to their posts

And show their check-in posts on their phones to the staff


We’d like to ask “gold-medal warriors” and “silver-medal warriors” to fill in the following form online


A cycling route for beginners:

Fu’ao Port → Fuqing Hiking Trail (Nangan) → Qingshui Village → Zhushan Power Plant → Tianhou Temple

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