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Let’s bathe in the first ray of sunlight in 2022

Date :2021-12-28

Sunrise viewing is Mazu’s New Year highlight

For the first time, it will be held in Xiju!


You are cordially invite to visit Xiju

on January 1, 2022

and receive another new year

in this old military base with impeccable coastal views⠀


What’s fun in Xiju


Qingfan Port: Located at the southern tip of Xiju Island, Qingfan serves as an important portal and Juguang Township’s administration center. A long time ago, a few foreigners lived here. Leaning against small hills, Qingfan Village boasts beautiful panoramic views. The white houses under the vast blue sky make this place full of Mediterranean charm.


Ledao Reservoir: The reservoir was built to ease Xiju’s needs of water in long dry seasons. Today, it is known for bay and mountain views. On a bright day, it is perfect for watching the sunset and even the Chinese land across the sea. Quite a few places are worth being explored in this area.


Tsaipu Bay: At the northeastern part of Xiju Island, the cone-shaped bay features ocean-eroded granite cliffs and reefs.

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