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Slow Pedaling Trip: Happy Roaming Around

Date :2022-09-14

In order to promote ecotourism, Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Transportation and Communications together with Matsu National Scenic Area Administration hold diversity bike tours for tourists.   From 2021, tourists can borrow bikes with no charge at Nangan, Beigan and Juguang Visitor Center to have low-carbon and in-depth experience tour through pedaling in Matsu.   In Nangan, cyclists start from Nangan Visitor Center.  They ride along Jinren Trail, reaching Iron Fort and Stronghold No.55, and finally arrive in Jinsha community.  On the way, riders can pedal bicycles to enjoy the coastal scenery and the beauty of Jinsha settlements. 

  Resting by a protruding bay on the southwestern tip of Nangan, Jinsha village is the closest fishery village to China.  The sand on the beach shines brightly, and was named ″golden sand″ in the old times.  With well-retained old stone houses, it has garnered much attention in recent years.  With effort from the Lienchiang County Government and Jinsha Community Development Associations, the houses come to life again.  Why not take a walk through the village's nostalgic, charming valleys and discover something amazing in their corners.  By the way, old wine and red vinasse are the most famous of Jinsha village because the well water in this area has very good quality.  When you visit Jinsha village, you should definitely try the old wine and the dishes that make by red vinasse, they are scrumptious!

Other than that, while "2022 Matsu Fun Tour Series: Island Hopping Bike Tour Gathering Point " is undergoing till October 31, tourists collecting 3 points by scanning QR code in designated locations can win the limited commemorative coins.  Also, there is a "To Discover the Beauty of Matsu" photo contest.  The application deadline is September 30th, and total award money is as high as 105,000 yuan.  

For detailed information, please enquire the following websites:

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Official FB webistes-Love Matsu GO


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