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With disease prevention measures in place, Matsu’s Baiming festival welcomes visitors

Date :2020-02-01

To reduce COVID-19 transmission, before the lunar New Year, the Administration already launched all necessary measures. Every day, at visitor centers and the airport’s service counters, staff members told visitors about the disease and how to stay away from it. All external stations and offices also joined force to collect the latest data and check the number of goods for preventing disease transmission.

The 2020 Beigan Baiming Cultural Festival, held during the lantern festival time in the lunar calendar, is even livelier than the New Year. This year’s side events include “Jan. 13 in Banli - Horse Feed Festival,” “Jan. 14 in Qiaozi - The Connection between Gods and Mankind,” and “Jan. 15 in Tangqi - The Connection among the Gods.”

The scenery in Matsu in the early spring is different from that of Taiwan, due to its longitude. Its unique geological formations are worth a visit. The Administration makes sure there are enough goods for preventing disease transmission, so that visitors can travel safely and healthily.

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