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The administration eases restrictions for grade-2 alert, although exceptions apply

Date :2021-07-26

Provided that visitors keep a social distance and all protective measures are in place, the scenic spots in Matsu National Scenic Area may reopen:

I. Enclosed sites (such as the tunnels and visitor centers within Matsu National Scenic Area, as well as the War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center in Beigan):

1. All of the sites may reopen (until the regular closing time), and visitor capacity will rise to 50% from 40%.

2. Visitors should however keep a social distance of 1.5 meters (or 2.25 square meters) and wear surgical masks.

3. Eating while walking or smoking is prohibited. At indoor dining spaces, checkerboard seating arrangement applies.

4. Audiovisual rooms are still closed for now.

5. Single entrances/exits apply to the visitor centers in Beigan. Visitors should leave their real names and IDs and have their body temperature measured.


II. Non-enclosed sites:

1. Visitors should keep a social distance of at least 1 meter and wear surgical masks at all times.

2. Dining is allowed in open, outdoor spaces, provided that visitors keep a social distance.

3. The administration team should monitor visitors, so as to keep them from gathering in groups. Visitors may be requested to take turns visiting these places. Depending on the circumstances, the access to these sites might be restricted or canceled. 


III. Provided that visitors wear surgical masks at all times, they may do leisure activities by the sea and on the beach, including riding water vehicles. Swimming is banned, however. Also, they may do scuba diving and surfing if they do not do it in groups, keep a social distance, and put on masks before and after the activities.


IV. The capacity of the parking lots of the visitor centers within the scenic area will rise to 50% from 40%. The vehicle number is limited in a single period of time.

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