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Glimmering Matsu with Dazzling Blue Tears

Date :2022-06-02

Each year, from April to June, the astounding luminescent can be seen along all of Matsu’s islets which draw tourists to view the incredible sight.  The phenomenon of “Blue Tears” are caused by a large number of algae, often dinoflagellates, glowing blue in the sea, when disturbed by tidal waves. From April to June, it is the time that “blue tears” could be observed more frequently.  If you have a passion for discovery of blue tears, just visit Matsu now.

In addition, there are different kinds of ways of pursuing blue tears in Matsu. 

First, taking a gondola in Beihai Tunnel in Nangan will be an unforgettable memory in your life. Second, touch blue tears in Blue Tear Museum and interact with them through 4D Virtual Reality system and make your own unique photo. Third, take a boat on the sea at the night time and get you a totally new feel of blue tears.

Besides, Matsu National Scenic Administration reminds you to take care of your own safety when you’re watching blue tears. There are dos and don’ts for visitors. 

  1. Please watch your steps when you’re walking in the dark. 
  2. Please remember to prepare your own lighting equipment or you might fall in the dark.  
  3. Don’t set up your photography tripod in walking pathway. 
  4. Beware of snakes because the weather is getting warmer.
  5. For epidemic prevention measures, always wear a face mask and keep hands sanitized. Only a healthy body guarantees a pleasant journey.


Photos | Liu Qiu-Rong圖2

Photos | Liu Qiu-Rong

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