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Shimmering Matsu Island Hopping

Date :2022-06-29

Shimmering Matsu Island Hopping
2022 Grand Tour in Matsu

    In order to promote the diversity and richness enchantment of Matsu, the "2022 Matsu Fun Tour Series" is filled with themes such as ecology, culture, art, food and lohas. Matsu National Scenic Area Administration held a press conference on June 24th, and distinguishing guests were as followed: Legislator Chen Xuesheng, Director Zhang Xicong of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, and the Deputy County Mayor Wang Zhongming of Lianjiang County. In the opening, in order to present the most distinctive shimmering image of Matsu, the fairy of Blue Tears dedicated a breath-taking dance, combining with LED light effects to show shimmering elements of the four townships and five islands of Matsu. This year's activities are covered with elements like cycling tours, stage art and literature, food tasting, ecological visits, battlefield scenery and blue tears exploration, which are linked together into a rich and wonderful glimmering Matsu sightseeing carnival tourism event.

    Experincing the grand tour and WWS Survival in shimmering Matsu

    A series of activities will be launched in July. The "2022 Matsu Haokalu-Zhuangyou Island Hopping Fun Chill Trip Matsu" will be held on July 23rd . Cyclists will start their rides at the Nangan Visitor Center on that day, taking a round-trip route to Fuao Port, and at the same time kick off the "Island Hopping Bike Tour Gathering Point" from July 23rd to October 31st .

    On July 23rd, a special spotlight activities, the “ WWS Survival Game” is held, a sport actvity combining entertaining and malitary experiences, which leads the participants to appreciate the battlefield scenery, history, and humanities in Matsu.

    On August 13th, the "2022 Shimmering Matsu Concert" will be held at the outdoor square of Nangan Visitor Center. The audience will be seated under the stars, and also be invited to accompany shimmering music. The singing cast includes a
foreign jazz band-The Wild Alibis, Rising Star Girl-Xixi CeCi, sentimental male Vocal Yue Jun, and popular singer Wei Jiaying performing together. With these beautiful voices that touch the soul, can really echo Matsu's splendid starry sky and the luminous night light in the sea.

    The "2022 Jinsha Bicycle Tour" will be held on August 14th to promote Matsu's innovative and sustainable green and low-carbon and in-depth experience tours. Tourists can pedal bicycles to enjoy the coastal scenery and Jinsha settlements. The Fujian-style building complex, Through the eco-tour and creative agricultural tour, people can enjoy the Fujian-style building complex, giving all participants not only the knowledge but also experiencing the century-old elegance and innovative vitality of the Jinsha settlement.

    Exciting activities every month, creating a glimmering Matsu Carnival event

     In addition to the three main activities, there’s also has a series of matching themed activities every month - "Twilight Matsu Carnival", which showcases the charm of Matsu, including a feast for Matsu diners, a Matsu dialect teaching in elementary school, stage performances, and special hand-made activities. Participating people can experience the authentic taste of Matsu; there is also a "Photo Contest to Discover the Beauty of Matsu". The application period is from now
    until September 30th, and the total prize is as high as 105,000 yuan. For more information on related activities, please visit the following websites for enquiry and registration:
Official website of Matsu National Scenic Area Administration

Official FB webistes-Love Matsu GO

2022 Shimmering Matsu Photo Contest Webiste

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