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The Music Feast in Midsummer Night of Matsu

Date :2022-09-02

  In recent year, Matsu attracts a lot of tourists and offers an in-depth experience different from the past because of the Blue Tear. To promote the charm of Matsu, Matsu National Scenic Area Administration held 2022 Glimmers in Matsu Concert at the plaza of Nangan Visitor Center on August 13. The concert featured performances by Arrow Wei, The Wild Alibis, CeCi and Gin, which brought Matsu full of heavenly voice, and attracted many visitors to enjoy precious battlefield cultural landscape. As the concert was timed to coincide with days around the full moon, spectators soaked up the music with the starry sky and the moonlight reflection from sea water. There was also a Bubble Show as a pop-up event on that day, which invited everyone to enjoy bubbles in this summer. In addition, Starlight Market was held next to the stage. The stalls sold local food, souvenirs and Blue Tears soda. Around 350 participants joined and enjoyed this activity.

  We sincerely invited everyone to visit Matsu. By roaming around Matsu, experiencing the local culture, tasting local food and enjoying the battlefield scenery, you might find out a brand new world in Matsu.

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