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Ecological Tour in Matsu: Formosan Sika Deer on Daqio Island

Date :2022-09-02

Daqiu is a small island on the north of Beigan Island, with rich ecosystem and sea-eroded formations. From June to September, it is the most high season for tourists and the most prolific season in Matsu.   There were hundreds of soldiers and residents on the island in early days, but now there are just a few old deserted houses left.  Other than the old routes on Daqiu Island, there is a main hiking trail which leads visitors to deserted military facilities.  Along the path, Formosan sika deer can be found in the woods.  The island's northeastern point is the best spot to watch sea grooves and caves resulting from sea erosions. Along the coast, sea-eroded landforms are elsewhere.   Viewing Formosan sika deer is limited on Daqio Island, visitors may interact with them surprisingly.  Visited by more and more tourists, the deer are friendly to strangers, who can feed the deer as well.   By the way, the deer are still wild, please keep a distance when you′re taking pictures with them.  Other than visiting deer on the island, visitors may appreciate Beigan coasts and villages on the sea.  It takes about 1 to 2 hours to finish Daqiu ecological hiking trail.  Do prepare water, sun glasses or sunscreens on a hot summer day.

Have you ever been to Matsu?  Come to explore the beautiful island and enjoy the unique peacefulness.



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