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Visiting Matsu during the 2023 Spring Festival Experiencing the Two Tower Kaliu Fun and collecting stamps to bring home wonderful souvenirs

Date :2022-12-14

The lighthouse is the protector of the sea. With the ease of travel restrictions over the past few years, the public can glimpse the lighthouse's mysterious beauty and access its unique history, architecture, humanity, and art values. There are only two national monuments on Matsu Islands; one is the Dongquan Lighthouse or Dongju Island Lighthouse, and the other is the Dongyong Lighthouse or Dongyindao Lighthouse. The romantic white towers, with their 18th-century English architecture style, make them a popular instagrammable check among the attractions. You can take gorgeous photos from every angle. When the weather is nice, you can start a day by greeting the dawn and enjoy the geographic wonder of the sea melting into the sky while waiting for the breathtaking sunset at dusk. How therapeutic!


Matsu Islands are made up of four towns and five islands. To promote sustainable tourism, Matsu National Scenic Area Administration launched a new event called "2023 Matsu Two Tower Kaliu Fun" to attract visitors. It is expected that the immersive experiences of local culture and unique tourist activities will attract people to visit Dongju and Dongyin during the Spring Festival. The cultural island wandering tour starts from the lighthouses, gives you a closer look at the historical relics of the local tribes, takes you to savor local cuisine, and enables you to fully immerse yourself in the slow-paced island life with a chill and joyful mood.


This event features the cross-island immersive touring experience of the Dongju Lighthouse and Dongyin Lighthouse. The organizers will send out 800 packages worth NT$450 each and loyalty cards to collect stamps from designated shops to enter the lucky draw. From January 1st to the 10th of April, 2023, tourists (including foreigners; excluding Matsu locals and conscript soldiers) who take their ID card and plane ticket or ferry ticket to Matsu (departure date after December 31st, 2022) to redemption locations can receive one package and one loyalty card, (only one per person). Moreover, from February 1st to the 30th of March 2023, you can receive a free souvenir (limited quantity) if you check in both lighthouses and complete the required actions. If you want to arrange a slow-paced itinerary during Spring Festival, please jump at the chance to visit Matsu in 2023 for the "2023 Matsu Two Tower Kaliu Fun" event. For more details, please follow us on:

Our Facebook fan page "Go Go Matsu"

Official website "2023 Matsu Two Tower Kaliu Fun"

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