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Traveling Light to Matsu in the Springtime!

Date :2023-03-15

    When spring comes, many people will choose to visit Matsu to enjoy the cherry blossoms, food and the beauty in the flower season.  In addition to the beautiful scenery of cheery blossom, Matsu’s landscape and Mindong culture also catch the eyes of travelers.

    Fifty years ago Matsu was not the lush greenery we see today.  The rugged granite outcrop of the Matsu Islands means that the soil is barren with little vegetation.  Half a century ago, the army made great efforts to grow trees  to fight against the strong northeast winds.  Their tree-planting efforts set the foundation for today’s scenic beauty.

    Matsu is isolated on the sea and known as the “Paradise on the Sea”.  In recent years, Lienchiang county government tried to plant peach blossoms, Japanese plum blossoms, apricot blossoms and cherry blossoms.  Hard work paid off, today the flowers are blooming in the wind along the Central Boulevard. The roadside scenery brightens the monotonous roads and feasts the eyes of the villagers and tourists.  

    The varieties of flowers blooming every season in Matsu paint the islands into different shades and patterns.  In March and April, Azalea, Oriental bush cherry, Chinese fringe tree and Callery pears begin to bloom consecutively on the island.  After them, the seashore rose and honeysuckle continue to sprout.  Thistles and honeysuckles in spring, primroses in summer, dianthus and spider lily in fall and Dendranthema indicum in winter make the whole island colorful.  Flowers in Matsu Islands blossom all year round.  In March, “peach blossom” blooms wildly in Matsu.  Following the Central Boulevard and the way to Nangang Airport, passengers will see colorful peach blossoms greeting both sides.  The red flowers flicker in the mist, composing a romantic mood.  In Shengtian Park, Callery pear blooms after the peach blossoms, conversing with the cherry blossoms on the slope.  It is the best season to watch flowers in Matsu. 

    Spring is also the season for the growth of rapeseed.  Compared with artificial cultivation, the wild rapeseed on the slopes is extraordinarily bright.  The bright yellow flowers are very eye-catching.  Wherever they grow, they always blend into the natural beauty. 

    All lives are awakened from hibernation and begin anew in spring and it is just the season for outdoor outings.  Have a slow trip and experience the most unique Mindong culture in Matsu.  For more details, please visit Matsu National Scenic Administration official website and fan page. Blossoms in Shengtian Park / photo by Chen Hsiu YiCherry Blossoms in Shengtian Park / photo by Chen Hsiu YiCherry Blossoms in Spring / photo by Chen Hsiu YiCherry Blossoms in Spring / photo by Chen Hsiu Yi

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