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The 7th Matsu Beigan Ultra Marathon

Date :2023-03-17

Beigan Island in Matsu has a unique battlefield culture. Affected by monsoons, ocean currents, and its geographical location, its steep terrain has become a challenge that many runners want to conquer. This year's marathon will be the seventh Beigan Ultra Marathon since it was first held in 2017. "Beigan Ultra Marathon - The Fearless" will start on March 18th this year! With steep slopes paired with ubiquitous beautiful blue ocean views, this marathon assesses not only the runners' foot strength and endurance but also provides them a magnificent visual treat, thus attracting runners from all over the world to sign up for this marathon.

Short travel and leisure vacations in Matsu have become increasingly popular in recent years. The traditional Fujian settlements in Beigan, distinctive scenery, and unique landscapes of historical battlefields are all popular tourist attractions. There is the Qinbi settlement, known as the "Mediterranean of Matsu," situated by mountains and seas, Tanghou beach where seasonal blue tears (bioluminescent sea) can be observed, War and Peace Memorial Park that records the past, Qiaozi settlement with a special "three temples in one" scene, Daqiu Island with adorable sika deer roaming everywhere, and finally, the indispensable marathon Bishan group, waiting for you to conquer the highest peak of Matsu.

Five race groups are planned for the 7th marathon: the fearless "50K Ultra Marathon," the just-right "25K Ultra Half Marathon," the limit-testing "12.5K Challenge Group Marathon" that challenges the limit, the toughest attitude "5K Bishan Group," and the suitable-for-all-ages "4K leisure group." All can take the Beigan Ultra Marathon challenge according to their abilities. There are also marathon sign-up gifts and completion prizes for finishing the race, which will make great souvenirs to take home along with beautiful memories.

This year's Beigan Ultra Marathon route passes through Tangqi Village, Banli Mansion, Nun Mountain, Qinbi Settlement, and Qiaozi Village. In addition to attracting sports enthusiasts, it is also a great opportunity to see Beigan's mountains, seas, and traditional Fujian architecture. Please visit the official website for more travel information ( and the Matsu Beigan Ultra Marathon Facebook page for the latest news (

Sources: The 7th Matsu Beigan Ultra Marathon Brochure, Matsu National Scenic Area Administration

"Three Temples in One" at Qiaozi Settlement in Beigan

"Three Temples in One" at Qiaozi Settlement in Beigan (Source: GOGO LMC Ltd.)

Scenery along the route at Qinbi Settlement in Beigan

Scenery along the route at Qinbi Settlement in Beigan (Source: GOGO LMC Ltd.)

Street view of Tangqi Village in Beigan

Street view of Tangqi Village in Beigan (Source: GOGO LMC Ltd.)

War and Peace Memorial Park

War and Peace Memorial Park (Source: GOGO LMC Ltd.)


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