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2023 Tourism Union Consensus Meeting and the unveiling ceremony of Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters of Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Date :2023-10-26

On September 15, 2023, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications was officially upgraded to Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications.  Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications held an  unveiling ceremony at 10 a.m. on September 22 and Deputy Director of Tourism Administration Lin Xin-ren went to Matsu to preside over it.  County Mayor Wang Zhong-ming of Lianjiang County Government, Deputy County Mayor Chen Guan-ren, Assistant of Legislator Chen Xue-sheng’s Parliamentary Office You Hengyi, Speaker of Lianjiang County Council Zhang Yong-jiang, Councilor Cao Yi-biao, Councilor Chen Yi-bin, President Zhuo Jin-shi of Lianjiang District Court, Chief Prosecutor Xie Wei-cheng of the Fujian Lianjiang District Procuratorate, Secretary Xu Yun-hui of Nangan Township, Chairman Lin Shao-xin of Nangan Villagers’ Representatives, Mayor Wu Jin-ping of Beigan Township and representatives of Beigan Villagers Chairman Lin Jia-you and all representatives, Mayor of Juguang Township Chen Le-li and nearly 50 representatives of the tourism industry, and members of consensus workshop of Tourism Union Industry Alliance all attended the unveiling ceremony to promote cooperation and upgrade tourism industry.
In his speech, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department Lin Xin-ren pointed out that to achieve “Elaborate Matsu Honor Taiwan”, Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters should work closely together with Lianjiang County Government, central authorities in Matsu and local tourism companies to satisfy their needs and upgrade the standard of Matsu’s tourism industry.

In this sightseeing consensus workshop, Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters analyzed the changes of tourist arrivals and output value of Matsu in recent years, conducted various regional tourism guidance work according to the needs of industry operators and in-depth research on the operating mechanism of Matsu sightseeing industry alliance, hoping to bring into play the substantive functions of the alliance.  Director Huang Shi-fang of Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters said that he will continue to provide guidance and support for the promotion of tourism union and summarize the suggestions of the participants in today's consensus meeting, focusing on "communication", "cooperation", "innovation" and "piloting", and building Matsu Tourism Industry Alliance and adhere the core values of "helping others and altruism", "teamwork", "integrity and sustainability".  Matsu Tourism will gradually embark on a new way as long as we walk on the right path.
To achieve the short-termed goal of upgrading and uniting Matsu Tourism, Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters plans to hold the creative mussel cooking competition on November 3 to serve Matsu cuisine on the world’s table.  In the future, we decide to integrate food, accommodation, travel and shopping industries into one.  Also, we will work with Tourism Administration’s overseas offices to attract more foreign tourists and high-end consumers, hoping to create a new peak of Matsu tourism in the post-epidemic era.




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