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Matsu Tourism Industry Union Achievements Exhibition in 10/20~10/26 at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Date :2023-11-30

Matsu Tourism Industrial Union Alliance was officially established in June ,2022 and Matsu Tourism Union has gradually emerged after two years of hard work.  With "Matsu, Unmatched" as the main features, the brand image of Matsu Tourism Industry Alliance has successfully catch people’s eye.  For introducing the good scenery of Matsu, Matsu Tourism Union links the food, accommodation, travel, shopping and transportation industries and chooses a variety of selected goodies and foods in Matsu by putting local elements into them.  The opening ceremony and press conference of "Matsu, Unmatched " Tourism Union Achievements Exhibition was held on Oct. 21.  Director Huang Shifang of Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters, Zhang Yuanyu, Section Chief of the Scenic Area Development Group of Tourism Administration and Director Liu Xingqian of Transportation and Tourism Bureau, Lienching County, Director Lin Zhifeng of Department of Economic Development, Lienching County, General Manager Zhou Zhaolin of Caimeng Duty Free Shop, Director Huang Youlan of Public Relations Office of Huaxin Airlines and local tourism industrial enterprises in Matsu all attended the grand opening.  Team Leader OhBear of Tourism Administration was also invited to be the spokesperson of the Matsu Tourism Union and showcased the local products of Matsu Tourism Union and very warmly interacted with participants. 
Huang Shifang, director of Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters said that the upgrading of Tourism Administration is a big milestone.  
With the easing of the pandemic and the opening of national borders, it is expected to attract 6 million international tourists this year.  However, tourism cannot be achieved alone and it is necessary to work with local tourism industrial partners to create a unique local brand for Matsu.  In the future, it will lock in the international market and enhance Matsu's international visibility to let the world know the beauty of Matsu.
In order to improve the quality of catering services in Matsu area, Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters not only provides guidance to local catering enterprises to improve the space and design of their shops but also assists five restaurants in developing new healthy dishes and
innovates Matsu’s seafood, such as egg-flavored fish noodles, old wine grilled mussels and croakers dried overnight, seaweed mussel pot, seaweed soup and sliced seabass with pumpkin.  In the future, tourists can taste new flavors in the restaurants.  In recent years, green sustainable tourism has become very popular.  Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters has continued to assist four restaurant owners such as Dayspring Hotel, Yijia Bistro, Together Stay Café and Z.O. coffee in obtaining the GTS (Green Travel Seal).  We are looking forward to inviting more and more local enterprises to join the green tourism in the future.
The products in this presentation combined the ideas of local business to transform local culture and island ecology through design and marketing for creating products with texture and stories to convey the specialization of Matsu.  Matsu’s elements such as blue tears, honeysuckle are blended into the wine.  The packaging of products draws inspiration from the design of Mindong architecture and Matsu’s lighthouse.  The overall image and packing make the products a very exquisite souvenir.
Matsu Tourism Industry Union Alliance holds a week-long presentation at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from October 20 to 26.  There are display and interacting areas, which present Matsu goodies, foods, and good scenery.  Don’t miss it. The beauty of Matsu is waiting for you to explore!


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