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During the tern’s breeding months (April - September), please do not enter their core conservation zones and stay away from the coasts for at least 100 meters. Let’s conserve the area’s precious natur

Date :2020-05-11

1. Again, if you wish to do leisure activities or go fishing during this period of time, do stay away from the coasts for at least 100 meters. We ask you to do this so as not to disturb the terns. According to experts, terns hatching their eggs will fly away if they are scared. Then, the eggs will be ruined on a warm day. This will eventually severely affect breeding of the terns within the conservation zone.

2. In Mazu, tern conservation areas can be found in eight islets uninhabited by humans. Such include Shuangzi Reef of Dongyin Township; Baimiao, Zhongdao, Tienjian Islet, and Sanlian Islet of Beigan Township; Snake Island of Juguang Township; and Jinyu and Liuquan Reef of Nangan Township.

3. During these months, if you wish to take pictures with drones in the core conservation areas and the buffering zones (100 meters away from the coasts), please apply for a permit in advance according to the area’s regulations from the authority in charge. Please only take such photos upon acquiring official permission.

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