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Lost and Found Guidelines

Date :2020-11-06
  1. The scenic area’s administrative, service, guided tour, and cleaning staff, as well as visitors, should follow the Lost and Found Guidelines when they find any item at this scenic area, unless the laws state otherwise.
  2. When a person finds something, he or she should return it to the owner. If the person does not know who or where the owner is, he or she should hand over the item to the visitor center staff or someone on duty.
  3. We will list the name and quantity of the item, as well as the time and place it was found. We will also note down the name and phone number or postal address of the person who’ve found the item. We will take photos of the item for documentation purposes.
  4. When the owner claims the item back, he or she should provide details of the item, such as its characteristics and the time and place it was lost. Upon confirmation of identity, the owner should provide his or her name and phone number or postal address, so as to claim the item.
  5. If no one claims the item or if the owner’s identity cannot be confirmed after the center is closed for the day, the item will be delivered to a local police station, and wait for the owner to claim it in a public space or on a website hosted by the police.
  6. If the item becomes rotten after some time, the item will be thrown away after the case is registered in an archive.
  7. If the item is valuable or the cost of storing it is too high, after the case is registered, the item will be delivered to the police and wait for the owner to claim it. We will acquire a note from the police, in case anyone wants to check it.
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