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Explore Matsu and its colorful spring flowers now

Date :2021-02-08

The spring has arrived and flowers on Matsu’s five islands in four townships are blooming. In Shengtian Park of Nangan, the cherry flowers along hiking paths are in full bloom. In the last two years, the paths have been highly popular among fans of flowers.

Every year in January, Formosan cherry trees also bloom in Matsu. From Zhongshan Gate and Jinsha Reservoir to Matsu Village in Nangan, passing through Shengtian Park, cherry blossoms can be easily enjoyed. Visitors can watch the vast open sea along the way, too. Fuji cherry trees also grow flowers in February and March, making the flower-watching period in Matsu much longer.

What’s more, beauty berry commonly found on all islands of Matsu and recently restored callery pear are all unique to Matsu. In March, one can see callery pear trees covered in white graceful flowers. Why not visit Matsu in the spring and immerse in its beautiful nature. In fact, Matsu is a charming place no matter the season.

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